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The Hollow (Sign of Seven Trilogy, Book 2)

The Hollow (Sign of Seven Trilogy, Book 2) - Nora Roberts Wow, and I really wanted to like both the heroine and hero. So didn't. The heroine's concerns and fears were logical and reasonable but almost seemed presented as silly and ridiculous, and the hero has a bad case of I'm Listening But I Don't Hear You Because I Don't Want To. Yes, yes, tragic past, whatever. Still doesn't excuse being a dick in the present. Any hero that even a little bit denies the heroine her own agency and never really figures out why that's bad other than 'it made her mad/upset' is an automatic no in my book.

Damn that plot, though. It's actually really interesting and more than enough to bring me back for book three. I have more hope for Cybil and Gage. I hope.