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My Dearest Holmes

My Dearest Holmes - Rohase Piercy A lesson worth learning: it's often not worth paying for what the internet does better elsewhere for free.

Some exquisite pining and lovely gay!Watson and asexual!Holmes (maybe? the author seemed a bit unclear) and mysteries revolving around unspoken sexuality, but you give me that much pining, that much devastation at Reichenbach, and all you leave me with is a single kiss and "then we moved back into Baker Street and solved lots of mysteries" and "solved lots of mysteries" isn't even a dodgy euphemism? No, I think not.

Yes, yes, I fully believe in the possibility of a happy platonic ending for Holmes and Watson, even this Holmes and Watson, but you don't give me all that angst and wrap it up with a single kiss and some platonic fondness.

Party foul, I say. Thank god for the rest of the internet.