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A Companion to Wolves

A Companion to Wolves - Sarah Monette, Elizabeth Bear It's like the Lessa books from the Pern series, except with wolves instead of dragons, with all the creepy aspects of soul-bonded mating fully fleshed out, and with all the women removed!

That sounds harsh, but honestly I enjoyed the read. Yes, I have a few quibbles - really dodgy gender politics that are brushed aside for most of the book, the tragically beautiful yet remote heroine, the feeling like the plot is merely a background to world description - but I had a thoroughly good time while reading the book, both in spite of and because of some of the weirdness. I can handle the weirdness when I'm pretty sure that it's done deliberately by the authors, even when the weird is not fully acknowledged by the characters in the book.

I don't know. I'm just a sucker for a good animal soul bond story, and this one's pretty good.