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The Bride's Baby

The Bride's Baby - Liz Fielding I almost gave this 2 stars, because OH MY GOD is it brain candy, but you know what? I'm taking a stand! It was complete and utter ridiculous fluff, and I read it in approximately twenty minutes, but those were an *entertaining* twenty minutes, so three stars it is!

Mostly it gets three stars for taking one of my most hated plot devices - "if we just sat down and had a half-hour's worth of honest conversation, the entire plot of misunderstandings would crumble like the sugar-spun castle that this book is" - and made me not want to punch it in the face. The Tragic Miscommunications are played plausibly (within the context of this pretty ludicrous universe), and they don't result from either of the protagonists being Too Stupid To Live (almost).

Plus, it was free from Amazon. Win/win!