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Test of the Twins

Test of the Twins - Tracy Hickman, Margaret Weis This almost got bumped down to three stars, because I cannot begin to tell you how much I still don't care about Tanis and Kitiara, but while the good bits were smaller than in the first two books, they were in some ways even sweeter.

Crysania buys a clue! Caramon manages to find a small bit of balance between total dependence on Raistlin and total repudiation of him! Raistlin remains fascinatingly ambiguous! (Did he stop Takhisis at the last minute because he realized that winning would be wrong, or did he stop because he realized that winning would be no fun at all for him? Does it matter?)

In short, it was a lovely reread of the whole series, and it almost makes me want to plow through the Chronicles again.