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Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers - Nora Roberts Book one of Nora Roberts Does It! Her intriguing plot gets bogged down a little in straightening out everybody's relationships, almost like Roberts herself is more interested in the mystery/Big Bad Evil than setting up everyone's love match. Or maybe I'm projecting.

I will say that the loudest dissonant note for me was the heroine's constant diet talk/mentality. It seems like her primary conversation topic beyond her lover and the Evil That Will Eat Them All is calorie counts and how much she has to work out but doesn't want to. C'mon, Roberts. You've convinced me how sharp and clever and entertaining Quinn is, but all she can talk about how awful a human being she is for eating the whole English muffin? Give me a break. I know I'm more sensitive than many on this topic, but it was almost enough to make me put the book down.