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Simply Perfect

Simply Perfect - Mary Balogh Really interesting handling of women's independence and employment in the guise of a dress-up-doll historical romance; really egregiously bad handling of the illegitimate! blind! plotpoint! You don't get to be all enlightened or whatever about the role of women in society and then go on to have the same heroine unironically wonder if the illegitimate! blind! plot point! even has the capacity to learn or if her lack of sight means that she is utterly uneducable and capable of nothing more than being adorable. (Her adooooorableness is, of course, cranked to eleven. Maybe eleven and a half.)

Also, there are chunks of this book that are almost unreadable/intensely boring if you haven't read any of the other books in the series. It's just a list of names with no background. Kind of like the "begat" section of the Bible, except, well, no, there's a lot of "begatting" going on in this book, too.