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Soulless  - Gail Carriger Three quality, four enjoyment. It's a steampunk-urban fantasy-romance that is not entirely ridiculous! Or, rather, it's ridiculous in exactly the right ways. I very much enjoy the concept of the "preternatural" in contrast to the "supernatural," and I look forward to more time spent in this universe.

What elevates this book from a six to a seven is the incredibly dry humor run through most of the book (it fades a bit during some of the more romancey bits, but when the plot-plot (as opposed to the love-plot) picks back up, so do the sly sort of asides). Well, that and the renegade vampire with exquisite fashion sense and a personal army of spies/bodyguards masquerading (or, you know, fulfilling a second role) as his twinky entourage.