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Something About You

Something About You - Julie James Once again, picked up because of the Dear Author review. Was won over solely by the description of both assistantUSattorney!heroine and FBIagent!hero being good at their jobs and respecting each other for being good at their jobs, and lo, the review was right. Competent people! Being competent! And talking about things! And even though this justice system still clearly takes place in happy fantasy world, it's the closest I've seen to reality in quite some time (just with the particularly less scenic bits rubbed off).

Four stars on the strength of taking so many of the tropes I loathe about both procedural shows/books and romance novels and tossing them straight out the window. No "sassy" heroine who ignores anything remotely like common sense! A hero who provides protection in legitimate situations in which protection is needed (not like that, except for how it's totally like that) but who isn't smothering!

Well done indeed.