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Kushiel's Scion

Kushiel's Scion - Jacqueline Carey Oh, the teenage angst! Oh, Imriel.

I like how Carey changed these novels structurally to reflect the difference in Imriel's narrative voice, as opposed to Phedre's. Phedre is always looking back after a story is done, much with the "and this upcoming moment was really good!" or "if only I had known how important this thing was at the time!", but Imriel narrates concurrently with the action for the most part. I find that interesting.

Normally I love coming-of-age stuff, but for the most part I didn't care about the stuff Imriel's coming of age covered. I wanted more about his college buddies and less about how angsty he was over his married lover. If we were going to spend that much time on the Unseen Guild, I wanted a little more substance and less moping by Imriel. (Whoever said he brooded too much didn't lie) I totally wanted him to have a fling with his buddy Lucius.

And of course there was a siege. I think there is a one-siege-minimum for these books.