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Savor the Moment - Angela Dawe, Nora Roberts Am finding I'm kind of over romance novels for the moment - or at least their very narrow definition of a happy ending (marriage! babies! for everyone!) - but I'm finishing out this quartet because I really, really enjoy the friendship between the four women. Not really invested in the romances themselves, but I care about how Roberts has written these women creating their own family.

It's kind of like, oh crap, that one movie about the four friends in childhood and in adulthood, with Thora Birch and Christina Ricci and Gabby Hoffman, where all four are good friends but there are sets of two that are closer - Now and Then! It's like Now and Then in the grouping of the friends, and I find that I'm more interested in this latter group of two, Laurel and Parker, than I was in the first group. So, yeah, I'm totally sticking around for book four, but I feel like the books are reading like Roberts herself is more interested in writing the friendships than the romance, and I totally agree.