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Arcadia - Tom Stoppard Ugh. I just. This play makes me so *happy.* I love that it's a play about ideas that's still remarkably human. I love that it treats grand ideas about physics and math and poetry and literature with equal respect. I *adore* Thomasina. I love how it plays, both within the text and meta-textually, with the very ideas it discusses. Hell, I love the landscaping jokes. The whole thing just feels remarkably well put-together, and I love that I get more shades out of it each time I'm exposed to it.

(I saw it in June 2011 and was delighted. However, what I would. not. give. to have seen it in its original performance, with Bill Nighy as Bernard. And, forgive me, someone slightly less shrieky over-projecty as Thomasina.)