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Cairo - G. Willow Wilson, M.K. Perker This. This. This is what graphic novels are for. Augh. I want to read more stuff like this immediately.

A hashish dealer, a wannabe revolutionary journalist, an Israeli soldier, a wannabe suicide bomber, and a wannabe something/anything from the O.C. get drawn into a conflict between a gangster and a djinn in, you guessed it, Cairo. There's interesting, nuanced things said about politics, about religion, about history, about class, about gender (sorta), about, well, everything you think should probably be talked about when you've got a dealer, a journalist, a soldier, an extremist, and a college girl running through the streets of Cairo and the Undernile. Oh, and then there are some gunfights and some mystical battles and evil and good and, really, the djinn is totally badass. The one problem is that this is not a very long book, so even though there's nuance, that nuance can only be briefly touched upon and still get everyone to the gunfight on time.


Also - there isn't a single. white. male. in a speaking role in the entire. thing. Dude.