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Outdated: Why Dating Is Ruining Your Love Life

Outdated: Why Dating Is Ruining Your Love Life - Samhita Mukhopadhyay If you've been immersed in the feminist blogosphere for any length of time, nothing here is particularly revolutionary, and most of the first half felt very 101, but I enjoy the simple fact that this book exists. I wanted it to go a bit further, and the "I'm going to tell you, I just told you, as you recall in chapter whatsit" was a little wearing, but, again, overall I liked the balance she struck of personal to larger trends.

One picky little point entirely unrelated to the quite nice content of the book: I hated the font. Like, I had no idea I could loathe the typesetting of a book so much. It was just close enough to italics that I kept thinking the primary text was some sort of quote and at some point they would have to go back to regular, easy on the eyes font, right? Right? Also, the moderately thick grey line across the bottom of the page was wildly distracting.

Ah, goodreads. How glad I am that you exist so that I have a place to record my positive, if mild, feelings about book content and my wild, vociferous negative feelings about book layout.