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The Wizard of London

The Wizard of London - Mercedes Lackey Lackey should really stay away from writing about that whole "enlightened white heroine mixes with other races because she's so enlightened in far less enlightened times" thing. The magical non-human beings are less obsequiously subservient to the Nice White Lady than the Benneton ad spread of Servants From Other Continents.

On the other hand, Lackey broke out of the standard romance structure for this - a happily married couple who remain happily married! A POV split between the children and adults! I do wish there were less of the "I have loved once, I can never love again" slash "I though I loved once but I didn't really know what love was so that doesn't count!" thing, but even this squidge of variety was pleasant.

Also, for the love of all that's holy, the dialect. OH, the dialect. Just. No.

(And yet I'm still reading all of these. I don't even.)