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Unveiled - Courtney Milan Wildly anachronistic social mores in Regency set dressing? Yes, please! Also a completely baby-free epilogue that provided a satisfying bonus resolution outside the framework of the main plot. Will wonders never cease?

I swear, romances like this read almost like fanfiction, in a way: the characters aren't shared, but the universe is, for all intents and purposes. It's so confined while still being interpreted so many different ways. I suppose that's why they're soothing. Ooooh. Now I want a Regency where the hero's been turned into a couch. Because, you know, it happens. Sometimes. I digress.

Don't read this looking for historical accuracy. Read it for a deftly handled inheritance plot in a semi-generic historic-y setting with the edges smoothed out by an author who favors putting her hero and heroine on an equal footing, where self-esteem and personal validation are concepts readily bandied about, where the hero explicitly (hur hur) makes enthusiastic consent the end-goal of his seduction. Sure, it's slightly ludicrous if you think about it too hard, but it sets up a more equal relationship between hero and heroine than most contemporaries manage.

A wild improvement over the author's Turner series for me.