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A Discovery of Witches

A Discovery of Witches - Deborah Harkness Intriguing set up, and I'm even down with the extensive, loving food and beverage descriptions, but I could. not. deal. with a stereotypical Alpha Male Romance Hero (also pronounced "raging dickweed") in my otherwise enjoyable fantasy. I mean, it was to the point of almost making me wonder if it was a parody, or poking fun at Twilight and the vampire sleep-stalking and controlling and isolating, but thanks to a quick skim of other goodreads' reviews, I'm confident enough in it not being a "see what was wrong there" situation or taking the piss or in some other way showing that Matthew's violent mood swings and stalking and otherwise bad, bad behavior are not good, romantic things or otherwise narratively justified, even though he's the hottest vampire with the coldest body temperature ever omg. Just - ew.