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The Fairy Godmother

The Fairy Godmother - Mercedes Lackey If TV Tropes and the [Color] Fairy books had a romance novel for a baby and dressed it in nothing but Lisa Frank-designed onesies, it would be this book. It is not entirely un-Xanth-like, albeit thankfully free of Xanth's whiff of pedophilia.

The driving force behind this universe is the idea that the fairy tale equivalent of TV Tropes must be fulfilled and what all the implications of that spin out to be. Blah blah romance blah blah fantasy world building blah blah. But, seriously, once I twigged to the inescapability of tvtropes.com no matter the universe, everything else was irrelevant and hysterical. It's bog-standard Mercedes Lackey characters with definite romance novel bones underneath the entertainingly fantasy/meta world built atop of it, and the hero's an egregious dick with explicit rape on his mind at one point who doesn't grovel near enough for my taste, and I'd be hard-pressed to call it good, but it certainly entertained me for an evening.