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The Iron Duke

The Iron Duke - Meljean Brook More later, I'm sure, but so's I don't forget: lovely world-building; love the action-adventure-murder-mystery stuff; transition between action novel and romance novel sections a little jarring; race issues not as dodgy as they could be (yay?); am appalled at how many people LOVED the hero, as I found him wretchedly domineering in a not-fun rapey kind of way (I'm sorry - she said stop; he didn't, and I don't care how bad he felt after the fact or how drunk they were or how there were actual consequences yet resolution because they looooove each other, that's pretty non-consensual in my book and NOT OKAY); but mostly if Scarsdale doesn't get his own book with his own dudely love interest, I am going to be WILDLY disappointed (though not surprised).