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Silk Is For Seduction

Silk Is For Seduction - Loretta Chase Loretta Chase just writes a damn fine romance. Or, well, I say that because she so often writes a romance with more going on than just the two people falling in love, and the "more going on" is so often very, very interesting. I was more invested in the heroine's impeccable eye for fashion and the establishment of the dress shop than I was in her hooking up with the hero, even as they still sparked off each other most suitably. I do so very much enjoy the non-traditional aspects of her romances (business sense! a beloved child from a first marriage who is simultaneously adorable and a pain in the ass! dramatic! passport-obtaining! action! manipulation of the press!). Chase clearly does her research and shows it off, though in ways that generally flow neatly with the story. It's a nice midway between the perfect teeth of Romancelandia and the open sewers of Actual History.